Weight loss

If you've tried and failed to lose weight well, you're not alone. This year, though, you can keep your resolution!

We're here to keep you inspired and on track to meet your weight-loss objectives this year.

Mike Odysseos is a personal trainer who specializes in the field of fitness and weight loss shares a few tips and tricks to keep you motivated.

The secret to losing weight is not a magical diet or exhausting exercise!



The world is full of people who abandoned their goals and now spend their lives trying to convince others to abandon their own too.

I assure you that as soon as you announce that you are going to start a new weight loss effort, several negatives will appear out of nowhere and will express opinions that no one asked of them, telling you how wrong and meaningless it is that you are doing.

Their doubt, fear, and jealousy will appear from all directions.

First, you must make sure that you do not belong to the many negative and defeating people who abandon their goals. You must manage every doubt about yourself, that exists within you!

The first negative person you must deal with is, yourself, you must understand that your thoughts do not represent you, they represent your evil habits.


Get out of your mind.

The voice inside your head comments speculates, judges, compares, complains, likes, dislikes, and so on. Sometimes these thoughts are accompanied by visual images, in these cases you often imagine that things will go wrong or that negative situations will come– once again you will not succeed, and you will be disappointed.

That's how you see and judge the present through the eyes of the past and take a completely distorted view of it.

The good news is you can get out of this!

You might take the first step now, start listening to the voice in your head, try to discover the recurring patterns of thoughts, take a paper and a pen, and write down those recurring thoughts, so you'll learn to observe who's thinking.

Someday you'll catch yourself smiling with these repetitive thoughts that try to discourage you. When you learn to observe your thoughts, then they lose the power they exert on you and soon retreat.

Now that you're ready to face your own negative thoughts and everyone else's, we move on to the next phase, which is to set our goals.

A society that mostly consists of negative and defeated people who have abandoned their goals and does not wish to see you achieve your own, will tell you to set small goals, easy goals, so as not to be disappointed.


Your goals must be huge and crazy, so even the most passionate find them excessive. In order not to fail and give up your efforts you must set huge goals, so that you always work for your best, and never re-stop.

Weight loss

Make a list of some of your craziest targets... Do you hear that voice in you saying, 'no way'?

This voice will start commenting on how unattainable and ridiculous your goals are.

This voice will tell you things like:

  • Why would you do that?
  • How are you going to get them?
  • You don't have the time.
  • Your metabolism is slow.
  • You don't lose weight like the others.
  • You've already made several, ineffective, efforts.


You're supposed to be on your side, you're doing the opposite thing, you're discouraging him!

Think about how many others have done it and how many times it has been done, focus on the thought that you can and will succeed.

Negative thinking is thinking about something I don't want to happen.

Positive thinking is thinking about something you want to happen.


Now that you have decided not to stand in your own way, you must recognize and neutralize yet another source of doubt.

These are the negative people who love you and care about you, they may be your parent, husband, brother, your best friend, your teacher, or even your child.

Some of the comments will be

  • We love you the way you are.
  • Don't rush it.
  • Be careful
  • Be patient

Clearly, these people care about you, but they have no right to remove you from your goal.

They react automatically, people who love you tend to react in this way to your ideas because they are worried about you and their instincts tell them to protect you.


The best way to handle negative people is to constantly achieve your goals until they have no choice but to believe in you!

 All these negative and moderate people can't stand to see you do something great, it's a threat to them and it reminds them of the mediocrity with which they reconciled.

All you must do is neutralize all these doubts and stay on your way until you achieve your goal, no matter how unreal it may be.

The only way to fail now is to give up trying, while you're trying, you'll still be one step closer to achieving your goals.


Change your thoughts first, then consider changing your body. Because nothing can stop your body once your mind is prepared.


Mike Odysseos